In 1996 my birth mother died and I grew up without knowing my father. For a lot of young men at that time, the ideal place for them was dead or in jail. But with His grace, I was raised by my grandmother who also raised her son and my older sister. And if not for her love and passion for Christ I might not know him today. I’ve been through the fire I’ve lived through nightmares not knowing the way out. Living the fast life some call it. In those years my grandmother still calling on me encouraging me to come back to church telling me to seek His guidance. In doing so I found the love of my life and I’m here today a man of God blessed with a beautiful wife and daughter no longer walking through the fires or living nightmares. I grew to make God the center of my life and blessed beyond my own knowing, I became. I encourage all of you to make or keep Him the center of your life and then just watch the blessings runneth over. God Bless you

I was the product of a broken home. I spent my childhood and most of my adolescence with an emotionally and physically abusive mother. Every day was a battle and I didn’t know whether I’d have the strength to see a new day. But my parents, Luis and Massiel took me in when I needed them the most and showed me God. Ive never been the same since! I’m a victor!